[chirp_users] UV-B5 Limiting frequency entry

Jim Unroe
Mon May 27 20:18:31 PDT 2013

On Mon, May 27, 2013 at 7:17 PM, nv7v nv7v <nv7v at burgoyne.com> wrote:

> With the UV-5R you can enter frequency limits with CHIRP so the user can't
> enter anything outside those limits manually in VFO mode.  You can still
> program in frequencies outside those limits with CHIRP and upload them to
> the radio.
> This is very useful as you can set the radio up for a Ham that may also
> have need
> to use the radio on other services for which they are authorized without
> worrying
> he may inadvertently transmit or enter and transmit on a frequency he
> should not.
> If I enter in frequency limits in the "settings" section in CHIRP for the
> UV-B5, however, it
> then will not allow any frequencies outside those frequency limits to be
> programmed
> into memories using CHIRP or manually in VFO mode.
> Is this a limit of the radio or is it possible CHIRP could be changed to
> work like it
> does with the UV-5R?
> Thanks so much for your excellent work!!
> Steve NV7V
Hi Steve,

You are correct. This is a very useful feature on the UV-5R.

I haven't determined if this is possible on the UV-B5 yet. The OEM software
does have 6 different frequency range settings. Whenever I change to a
different range setting, it erases all of the channels and CHIRP no longer
wants to work with my radio (the ident changes or something). I haven't had
time to dig into it any further.

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