[chirp_users] UV-B5 Limiting frequency entry

nv7v nv7v
Mon May 27 16:17:16 PDT 2013

With the UV-5R you can enter frequency limits with CHIRP so the user can't
enter anything outside those limits manually in VFO mode.  You can still
program in frequencies outside those limits with CHIRP and upload them to
the radio.

This is very useful as you can set the radio up for a Ham that may also
have need
to use the radio on other services for which they are authorized without
he may inadvertently transmit or enter and transmit on a frequency he
should not.

If I enter in frequency limits in the "settings" section in CHIRP for the
UV-B5, however, it
then will not allow any frequencies outside those frequency limits to be
into memories using CHIRP or manually in VFO mode.

Is this a limit of the radio or is it possible CHIRP could be changed to
work like it
does with the UV-5R?

Thanks so much for your excellent work!!

Steve NV7V
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