[chirp_users] FTDI USB Cables with non-default IDs (RT Systems, etc.)

Robert Terzi
Fri Mar 29 09:05:29 PDT 2013

On 3/29/2013 11:03 AM, David Ranch wrote:
> Thanks so much for putting that together.  I would have sworn that when
> I looked last, there wasn't any Linux udev details but either you or
> someone else has added them since.  Very nice!

I just created that page after I had to go digging through the mailing
list for the Windows 7 instructions and couldn't find any help for XP.

> The only things I can think of to add to it is:

Thanks for those suggestions, I'll do those on my next edit pass.

> Ps.  I've I've covered the Linux Udev rules for an RT system cable for a
> Yaesu FT857 here if you want to link or steal from it:
> http://www.trinityos.com/HAM/CentosDigitalModes/hampacketizing-centos.html#1b.presetup-udevusbserial

I wasn't sure if I should get ambitious enough to cover udev rules
for creating symlinks.  I use them for thinks like the Arduino and Bus Pirate,
but I generally don't bother for the radio cables.  OTOH, might be opening a can
of worms...

Your page looks like a great resource, thanks.  I'll have to spend some time
reading though it.  I recognized the domain TrinityOS.com, I think I remember
reading IP masq, ipchains other firewall tutorials there ages ok, maybe 1999-2000?

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