[chirp_users] programing thf6a

Jim Unroe
Thu Jun 20 15:42:08 PDT 2013

On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 5:01 PM, LeonardKeepers <Leonard.Keepers at comcast.net
> wrote:

> hi tom thank you for your reply. i did the download from the radio. yes
> i saw in manual how to set it to mic pc. two questions have not been
> answered. when going to file and clicking on new chirp comes up in dstar
> programming mode and my device manager tells me usb to serial connector
> com port 4 or 5 depending on which usb port i plug int on my computer.
> how do i get out of the dstar programming mode.
> Leonard


You never want to start with File | New.

Once you download from your radio, you have a template for your radio. The
File | Save | "OriginalChannels.img as an example. Then do a File | Save As
| TH-F6.img to make a working file. Now load TH-F6 whenever you want to
edit you channels. Save them back to TH-F6.img and upload them to your

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