[chirp_users] Thanks to the authors

Dan Smith
Sat Jun 8 15:51:58 PDT 2013

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the praise!

> I did not understand about the .img file needing to
> be created and was lost for a while, after creating my memories, on
> how to upload the data to the radio. The menu item was disabled and I
> could not find any "startup" doc to tell me to get the image from the
> radio, modify it and upload it back.

Step 1 on the "Beginner's guide" is "download contents from the radio":


Any piece of radio programming software will require you to do this
first, unless you want to destroy all the settings currently in the
radio. CHIRP doesn't provide a File->New function for an uploadable
image, because unlike other software packages that are only designed
for one radio and thus know what sort of image to initialize, we'd have
to have a drop-down box with all 80+ models.


Dan Smith
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