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Marty Hartwell mhartwe at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 08:12:13 PDT 2012

Then maybe the question is can the Android tablet be loaded or made
dual boot with say Xubuntu, because CHIRP runs well on my laptop with it 
now. No adapting of anything.
I have been playing around with my laptop and Yaesu VX5R and have
figured out some of the editing features of Chirp and been able to load 
some new memories with it. Now to see if I can find a 6 pin connector to 
make an adapter for my FT2800 so I can save it's memories and add/change 
some of them for my new local area.

Good luck all.

Marty kd8bj

On 10/14/2012 09:51 AM, Tom Hayward wrote:
> On Oct 13, 2012 10:26 PM, "Chuck Hast" <kp4djt at gmail.com
> <mailto:kp4djt at gmail.com>> wrote:
>  > The question is has anyone tried to port Chirp to Android? These
>  > nice big tablets sure make nice screens for the vehicle and the
>  > cheaper ones do not cost that much.
> No, I haven't tried to port Chirp to Android, but I've thought about it.
> The trouble is that Chirp is written in Python so not a single line
> would run on Android without being ported, and further its GUI is pygtk,
> so would need to be rewritten for the Android GUI (not just a port). The
> resulting software would resemble nothing of Chirp except the concept.
>  > Of course the next step is a screen for direct entry of the front
>  > panel and a real nice proper presentation of a control panel on a
>  > touch screen.
> This to me seems much more useful than Chirp-for-Android.
> Tom KD7LXL
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