[chirp_users] Schedule for Support of Radios

Dan Smith
Mon Jul 23 10:36:18 PDT 2012

> Let me ask you a question first: Are you trying to program the radio
> with a USB cable that has a Prolific chipset? (This is the most common
> cause of not being able to update a radio using Chirp. Not all USB
> cables cause this problem, but a significant number do.)

Just for clarification here:

There is no conflict between CHIRP and Prolific devices. Since the
prolific device is the most prolific (pun intended) it is the most often
copied, and thus there are a *lot* of copies, fakes, and broken drivers
floating around out there. In most cases, a flaky driver or device will
not work for the OEM software, much less CHIRP.

Dan Smith

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