[chirp_users] Problem with Yaesu VX-6R

Dan Smith
Wed Jul 4 07:09:12 PDT 2012

> See attached. There may be a few changes between the two, I think I
> changed the power settings and maybe a name or two.

Okay, thanks. Hopefully I'll be able to weed those bits out, but I might
need some help cleaning them up. I'll let you know.

> I hear what you say about turning the radio into a brick. I used to have
> this argument with the PE's at my former employer. It went something
> like, "you were outside the maintenance package, you shouldn't have done
> that" to which I replied "don't let me do things that are bad." You
> can't win that argument.....

Heh, well, so far the Yaesus seem to be resistant to true bricking
because they'll always take a reset and clean themselves up. So, I'm not
sure what the right term is.

Dan Smith

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