[chirp_users] IC-2720

Dan Smith
Mon Sep 19 16:16:24 PDT 2011

> I did not realize the other options were so intermixed with the
> memories. The read before write now make more sense.

Yep, every setting you can change in the radio is stored in the image 
with the memories. On Icom, Kenwood (and some other) radios, it would be 
possible to do a download, merge, upload operation to get closer to what 
you want. However, Yaesu radios would require a lot of button pushing by 
the operator to make that work since they are not as sophisticated. That 
means it'd be hard to implement in a way that would make everyone happy.

> I see a need for a bulk erase memories option.

Select all, right click, delete all should do it, right?

> So I would read the first one, setup the memories, then program all the
> rest the same.

And, of course, if they are all the same model, you'd not do the import 
each time, but rather blow the same image into every radio, which should 
go pretty fast.

Dan Smith

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