[chirp_users] FT-50R

Dan Smith
Thu Sep 1 06:55:22 PDT 2011

> The FT-50 is mentioned in the chirp code (daily build 08/29/2011), but
> it is commented out in directory.py. Does this suggest that the FT-50
> will soon be accomodated, or that additional testing is still required,
> or...? I have a FT-50, and cannot find programming software available
> aside from ADMS.

I implemented the driver for it, but was unable to get it to behave 
consistently so I disabled it in the code. It's been a while, but I seem 
to recall that at the end of the clone procedure, I would get back a 
different number of bytes in the last block almost every time I did the 
clone. I'm not sure why that was and didn't spend a huge amount of time 
on it.

Feel free to uncomment that and give it some attention. I'm sure it's 
got a little bitrot, which I'm happy to help you scrape off if you're 
going to attempt to fix it.

> I also have a VX-5 which seems to work well with chirp, and a TH-D7A
> which I will try soon.

Excellent! I've never laid hands on a VX-5 and wrote that driver 
completely by using another piece of VX-5 software and a null modem cable :D

Dan Smith

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