[chirp_users] debug.log

Dan Smith
Thu Dec 15 08:14:37 PST 2011

> CHIRP uses COM3, which works well when cloning my Icom 2200H and UV-3A
> Yes, the driver only appears when the USB cable is plugged in, remove it and
> the driver goes away. Ideas?

CHIRP needs to be pointed at whatever COM port your cable is showing up 
as. I would not expect all three of the above-mentioned cables to show 
up on the same COM port every time. I'm always confused by Windows' 
seemingly-random behavior, so maybe there's something I'm missing. 
However, I would make sure that you're using what Device Manager shows 
_each_time_ you try a clone.

Another thing you may try is unplugging your cable and then trying to 
use CHIRP on COM3 again. You should get a different error, and 
immediately. If not, then something other than your FT-2800 cable is 
actually COM3.

Dan Smith

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