[chirp_users] CHIRP files & memories sharing between different radios

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Probably not the fourm but how do I get CHIRP to run on my MacBook Pro?  I have it installed, but don't know what port to select with my cable.  I'm trying to access a wouxun KG-UV2D. 



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> No, I have the problem on a WinXP laptop and on an Ubuntu-box (no 
> rpm install) but I don't see any xml on /usr/share/chirp dir. 

It's hard for me to reproduce things on Windows, so I'll wait to see if 
Mike has any luck. 

Not that it's an excuse, but the CSV driver gets a *lot* more use, 
testing, and fixes. The .chirp XML stuff didn't pan out as much as I'd 
hoped, so it's likely a bit flakier. Unless there is some reason (I 
can't think of one) to use the .chirp format, I would recommend using 
the CSV format. 

Dan Smith 
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