[chirp_users] CHIRP on MacOS

Dan Smith
Wed Dec 7 13:41:17 PST 2011

> Probably not the fourm but how do I get CHIRP to run on my MacBook Pro?

Actually, it is, but not in response to that thread (so I changed the 

> I have it installed, but don't know what port to select with my cable.
> I'm trying to access a wouxun KG-UV2D.

Sorry, I now see I missed your question directly to be earlier. It 
depends on what kind of adapter you have. What are the options in the 
drop-down? If it's empty, that means either (a) you don't have the 
proper driver installed or (b) you do, but it's some adapter device name 
that CHIRP doesn't recognize. With more details, the Mac folks on this 
list can help you out.

Dan Smith

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