[chirp_users] Inquiry

Dan Smith
Wed Dec 7 13:02:29 PST 2011

> I got the cable from KaWa on E-bay, recommended by another Ham.


> Yes, I followed instructions to the letter. Appreciate any other
> suggestions.

The 2800 has been problematic for some folks, but I thought we had 
gotten those issues worked out. Which version are you using?

Just so we're clear, you're hitting the button to initiate the 
transmission on the radio *after* you have clicked "okay" on chirp and 
caused it to open the progress box, right? And, you're in clone mode 
(ready to hit the transmit button) on the radio before clicking okay on 
chirp, right?

If so, please send me the debug.log file after trying to clone and I'll 
see if there's anything obvious in there.

Dan Smith

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