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Mike Raymond
Wed Dec 7 14:07:18 PST 2011

>> I got the cable from KaWa on E-bay, recommended by another Ham.


>> Yes, I followed instructions to the letter. Appreciate any other
>> suggestions.

>The 2800 has been problematic for some folks, but I thought we had
>gotten those issues worked out. Which version are you using?

Chirp Version or FT 2800? I will report back......

>Just so we're clear, you're hitting the button to initiate the
>transmission on the radio *after* you have clicked "okay" on chirp and
>caused it to open the progress box, right? And, you're in clone mode
>(ready to hit the transmit button) on the radio before clicking okay on
>chirp, right?

I will try again using your steps, but I think thats how I did it.

>If so, please send me the debug.log file after trying to clone and I'll
>see if there's anything obvious in there.

ok, I will do that tomorrow first opportunity.

Thanks again for your help.

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