[chirp_users] Inquiry

Mike Raymond
Wed Dec 7 12:42:00 PST 2011


Thanks for the fast reply. I tried to change my email from K5HUM at ARRL.NET
to Gmail using your site....hope it worked.


>> Next I purchased a cable for my FT-2800 Yaesu but I get a read header
>> error.

>Where did you get your cable?

I got the cable from KaWa on E-bay, recommended by another Ham.

>> This cable also came with a driver but an inspection indicates this
>> driver is identical to the prolithic driver on the IC-2200 driver
>> disk. Why dosent it work?

>Unfortunately, Yaesu radios are not very smart and require you to
>initiate the clone from the radio side once CHIRP is ready. Are you
>doing this?

Yes, I followed instructions to the letter. Appreciate any other

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