[chirp_users] Lost!

Dan Smith
Fri Nov 21 18:34:34 PST 2008

> I've added a bit more to the wiki FAQ about this.  Previously it simply
> said that CHIRP could read / write both chirp and csv files, but not how
> to export them as csv.  


> If it is not too much work, it would probably be less confusing to new
> users if the "Save as type" drop down list, when exporting, could be
> populated with .chirp (as default) and .csv as an option.  Additionally,
> if any other file formats are used in the future then they could simply
> be added to the list.

Yeah, that's harder than it sounds, actually, because the python win32 
interface isn't really documented, but I can see if I can figure out how 
to do it.

Dan Smith
dsmith#danplanet.com, s/#/@/

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