[chirp_users] Lost!

David Tilson
Fri Nov 21 17:25:33 PST 2008

Hi Dan,

> If you look back at some of the discussion we've had here, we talked 
> about the fact that if you do an "export" from chirp itself, it
> a .chirp file.  If you change that to .csv when you give it a
> it will do a CSV export instead.  The wiki could definitely use a note

> about this.

I've added a bit more to the wiki FAQ about this.  Previously it simply
said that CHIRP could read / write both chirp and csv files, but not how
to export them as csv.  

If it is not too much work, it would probably be less confusing to new
users if the "Save as type" drop down list, when exporting, could be
populated with .chirp (as default) and .csv as an option.  Additionally,
if any other file formats are used in the future then they could simply
be added to the list.


Davidt, VK3UR

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