[chirp_users] Programing Cable Drivers

Stuart Longland VK4MSL
Wed May 31 03:49:15 PDT 2023

On 31/5/23 01:54, Jeffrey Vian wrote:
> What I do on linux when I have a new device with no drivers is I 
> connect it, then use the 'lspci' command to find out the info 
> regarding the chipset it is using. Using (lspci -nnv) gives more 
> detailed info.  This info is shown in the form {XXXX:XXXX].  Mac
> uses a similar command if not exactly the same.
> Once I have the chipset ID then I can search for the specific needed
>  drivers.

Worth noting: `lspci` will *not* help you if your device is USB, as the
name suggests, it "lists" things that are on the PCI bus.

While PCI _can_ exist on external sockets in the form of Thunderbolt
(including over HDMI and USB-C), most serial programming cables I've
seen are USB.  Use `lsusb` for that.

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