[chirp_users] slow to populate

Jim Unroe
Wed May 24 09:56:19 PDT 2023

On Tue, May 23, 2023 at 10:36 PM K0LNY <glenn at ervin.email> wrote:
> Well I thought copying and pasting worked, but nothing went into the radio,
> that is why upload was available.
> So back to opening the CSV file.
> And it won't upload.
> I took out the last entry, which was lower than 30 Mhz.
> I'll attach my file if you can see what is wrong.
> Chirp did originally tell me that I had 0.000 in a frequency spot, so I
> fixed that, but it does not tell me of any errors now, it just won't upload.
> Thanks.
> Glenn

This CSV file loads almost instantly into my Windows 10 Pro 64-bit computer.

You do know that you cannot directly upload a CSV file into a "clone
mode" radio, right? You must download from your radio (or load a
previously saved CHIRP Radio Images (*.img) file that was created by
downloading from your radio) to open a tab that is compatible with
your radio. Then you have to copy-and-paste the memory rows from the
CSV file tab to the tab from your radio. Once that is done, you can
upload the tab from your radio back into your radio.


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