[chirp_users] Quansheng walkie talkie software

Lynda Leung
Tue May 23 04:22:31 PDT 2023

Im sure if you’re welling to supply the group a set of radios, and details documentations on the how the serial port protocol works, I’m sure a driver can be written for it.
Also, alternatively would Quanshen write a plugin software to work with CHiRP to be included into the code repository?  Might be easier for your engineers to do that if they’re already familiar with how your radio work in details. 

> On May 22, 2023, at 8:27 PM, Nina Wu <qsradio at qsfj.com> wrote:
> Dear Sir/Madam,
> We see our Quansheng TG-UV2 plus software on your website, now we would like to supply our UV-K5 walkie talkie software to your website, How can we do it?
> Can you help us with it?
> Best Regards
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