[chirp_users] Interesting item with Baofeng GT-5R, others? Duplex setting

Ken Hansen
Sun Jul 30 12:52:34 PDT 2023

Hello all,

I programmed my GT-5R with CHIRP-Next and all was fine, except when I tried to program a simplex channel in my radio to access my SHARI AllstarLink node. 

In the memory tab, I set "Duplex" to "off", as the logical choice among "+", "-", "split", and "off". But when I tried to transmit after loading that channel into my radio, it would not transmit (no RF, display color didn't change).

So I went in, looked hard at the settings, and discovered there was another option lurking in plain sight - "     " (blank).

When I selected (blank) and loaded the radio with the modified channel, it worked fine (TX as expected, in simplex).

If I look at the (actually pretty good) GT-5R manual that shipped with the radio, it says I have three choices for that field, menu item 25, SFT-D:

"OFF [0]" TX = RX (simplex)
"+ [1]" TX higher than RX freq
"- [2]" TX lower than RX freq

There's no mention of "split" or "off".

In short, the only valid options appear to be "-", "+", and "off", which I guess could be set to "     " (blanks).

I just thought I'd share this here, I'll open an issue on the chirp-next website to get this fixed.

Ken, N2VIP

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