[chirp_users] Yaesu FT-65 No upload, not a CSV tab issue - Download OK

Dan Smith
Sat Jul 29 12:51:57 PDT 2023

> I’ve scanned several monthly archives for "FT-65" and separately for  “upload”.  The only reports I can find is that users are trying to upload a CSV tab (a common problem) and not the tab downloaded from the radio.  I’ve added my channels to the FT-65 download tab and still no joy uploading.  Im using a Mac OS Ventura 13.5 and an RTsystems (ZRT-USB-55) with current drivers (verified with tech support) working in the Mac.  Chirp downloads from the radio without any issue.  I see both TX and RX displayed on the radio and CLONE OK but no changes are made to the memory locations.   I’ve reset the radio to factory defaults and made only a single change to a memory channel in Chirp to limit any input error without success.  Probably something simple but I just don’t see it.  Any thoughts?

Perhaps related to this:


The FT-4 driver is the same as the FT-65. I still haven't gotten a straight story from the reporter about the clone part of the issue and he seems to have disappeared. Perhaps you can comment in there and provide some more information?

It sounds like the upload to the radio works exactly as expected but doesn't actually upload any changes? No errors on the radio during clone? Does a save and re-open of the image keep your changes? These are all questions I'd ask in the issue, so if you could just answer them in the issue and we can continue the conversation there.



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