[chirp_users] Using The Keyboard On Radio List

W Paul Mills
Mon Jul 24 19:48:51 PDT 2023

After you tab to the model list, hit the space bar or the enter key 
before you arrow up or down. You will like it.

On 7/24/23 10:19, K0LNY wrote:
> Hey Group,
> I'm sure most folks here use Chirp with the computer's mouse or 
> touchpad, but there is an annoying thing with the keyboard, and I'm 
> hoping those who develop Chirp might be able to address this, and I 
> wonder if it is annoying to others.
> I wouldn't call it a bug, because I'm guessing most users haven't 
> experienced it.
> But in the radio model list, when I'm down arrowing to find my model, 
> a dialog pops for every model, and reads:
> Experimental driver
> Tested and mostly works, but may give you issues
> when using lesser common radio variants.
> Proceed at your own risk, and let us know about issues!
> Do not prompt again for Yaesu FT-25R
> OK
> * So this dialog is okay, but in prior Chirps, it only popped up once 
> you selected your model and clicked okay.
> I'm guessing that most people typically just roll their pointer to the 
> model and then get that message just one time.
> But when your model is 10 models down the list, it is quite annoying 
> to have to uncheck the box and then okay.
> Can this dialog be moved to after the okay is clicked on a model, like 
> it was before?
> What do others think?
> Thanks.
> Glenn
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