[chirp_users] Using The Keyboard On Radio List

Mon Jul 24 08:19:51 PDT 2023

Hey Group,
I'm sure most folks here use Chirp with the computer's mouse or touchpad, but there is an annoying thing with the keyboard, and I'm hoping those who develop Chirp might be able to address this, and I wonder if it is annoying to others.
I wouldn't call it a bug, because I'm guessing most users haven't experienced it.
But in the radio model list, when I'm down arrowing to find my model, a dialog pops for every model, and reads:
Experimental driver
Tested and mostly works, but may give you issues
when using lesser common radio variants.
Proceed at your own risk, and let us know about issues!
Do not prompt again for Yaesu FT-25R

* So this dialog is okay, but in prior Chirps, it only popped up once you selected your model and clicked okay.
I'm guessing that most people typically just roll their pointer to the model and then get that message just one time.
But when your model is 10 models down the list, it is quite annoying to have to uncheck the box and then okay.
Can this dialog be moved to after the okay is clicked on a model, like it was before?
What do others think?

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