[chirp_users] CHIRP Tips: Advanced Editing

Dan Smith
Tue Jul 4 07:11:00 PDT 2023

> How specifically does chirp decide? For example, if I changed any of the files...and I don't really see that happening...the timestamp would change.

It calculates a cryptographic hash of the file contents to decide if they match the hash of the source. It should be basically infallible for these files.

> So I am getting ready to submit the report. First I tested it, and got the debug log to attach.

Great, a source file for me to test against would be helpful as well.

> Now I find that my user is 'unknown' on chirp...
> I see
> "Once you are logged in, click the <http://chirp.danplanet.com/projects/chirp/issues/new>New issue link on the menu bar above to get started. "
> but don't actually see the New issue link on any menu bar...so I clicked the link, and that worked.
> Now if I can remember that bug report you asked me to submit quite a while ago...I'll look thru my emails...

Contact me off-list if you can't figure it out and I'll help you find your account and get logged in.



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