[chirp_users] CHIRP Tips: Advanced Editing

Rich NE1EE
Tue Jul 4 04:05:37 PDT 2023

I am really running behind my task list ;-)

On 2023-06-30 15:03:-0700, you wrote:
>In the olden times, CHIRP would copy all of the distributed stock configs <...> It's also a minor problem<...>
>In next,<...> In order to avoid duplication<...> next will purge the stock configs from the personal location<...>only if they are unchanged from the source file).

Great explanation. I thought it must be deliberate, but couldna imagine why. I have some application dev experience, so figured there was a reason under the hood. I copied them because it was just a test!! and it was easier than getting one of my own. Good lesson for me.

> just make any change to those files (like put a comment somewhere in the file after the first header line, prefixed with a '#'). That should cause it to look modified and chirp will leave it alone.

How specifically does chirp decide? For example, if I changed any of the files...and I don't really see that happening...the timestamp would change. I guess I am inclined to simply copy from the chirp files, and mod from there. I like the current way the chirp handles this...I was simply caught by surprise. I already group my entries in a similar fashion, keeping them in blocks on even boundaries for my convenience. That decision is even more convenient now. I had not realized some of the editing features of chirp, and did a lot of busy work to manage my file contents. That's all changed since your last vids.

>No, the section/group *does* matter. You can't just put keys wherever you want, they have to be in the right place in order to be honored.

Got it.

>> BOM - yep. I tripped myself here. I have my editor set to change unknown file types that are UTF-8 to use a BOM. Then when I saved the config file, CHIRP threw a mysterious (at the time) error, saying that the first line had an error. Of course, it didn't appear in the editor, so I was puzzled at first.
>I should be able to fix this if you open a bug for the issue to "charge" it against. I think may be the only person that will notice, but it's an easy change in the encoding we use to read the file :)

So I am getting ready to submit the report. First I tested it, and got the debug log to attach.
Then I tried to follow directions to submit the bug report, but this page
has a link to itself for instructions.

Now I find that my user is 'unknown' on chirp...

I see
"Once you are logged in, click the <http://chirp.danplanet.com/projects/chirp/issues/new>New issue link on the menu bar above to get started. "
but don't actually see the New issue link on any menu bar...so I clicked the link, and that worked.

Now if I can remember that bug report you asked me to submit quite a while ago...I'll look thru my emails...

72/73 Rich NE1EE
The Dusty Key
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