[chirp_users] Changing data Baofeng UV5

Jim Unroe
Sat Feb 18 05:27:17 PST 2023

>         I show:
>  Display Mode (A) Name
>  Display Mode (B) Name

OK. So MDF-A and MDF-B are set to NAME in the radio. So you will not
be able to see the programmed frequency.

> > This is most likely your situation.
>         So here's what happens:
> MR shows V16 (Channel name in but VFO shows 146.460 in my
> worksheet. Shown on CHIRP it is 145.200 which is what I want.

This is because the frequency shown in VFO (frequency) mode has
absolutely nothing to do with the frequency of the channel named V16
in MR (channel) mode.

>         I save the file with 145.200 V16 on the worksheet, then I
> do Radio > Upload I still get the right channel name, but the
> wromng Freq on my radio.

You can't see the frequency. You set the radio to display only names.

>         Do I have to change Display Mode (A) Name to Frequency?

What most people do is set one display line to FREQuency and the other
display line to NAME. That way when you set both display lines to the
same channel number (they have to be synced manually because each
display line is independent and the radio has no ability to
automatically sync them), the channel name and frequency can be seen
at the same time.

> Simply put Chanel Name can be changed, but not the Freq.

You don't know what the frequency is because you have hidden it from
yourself. To see the programmed frequency you must set the MDF of the
selected display line to FREQ. You choose what you want to see:
CHannel, NAME or FREQuency. So if you have selected the channel named
V16 in the bottom (B) display line and you want to see the frequency
you must change MDF-B to FREQ. Then switch MDF-B back to NAME to see
the NAME. Or as mentioned above, set one display line to NAME and the
other to FREQ and then manually select the same channel number in both
display lines to see the name and frequency at the same time.

> No matter what I do, I can't change the freq.

The frequency is whatever you have set the frequency to in the memory
row of CHIRP for the channel number named V16. You have just
configured your radio in a way that you hidden the frequency from

Every indication is that CHIRP is working as expected. If you would
like to continue discussion of how your radio is operated, please
contact me directly. I would be happy to help you with that.


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