[chirp_users] Changing data Baofeng UV5

Jim Unroe
Fri Feb 17 09:35:38 PST 2023

On Fri, Feb 17, 2023 at 10:36 AM Julian Macassey <julian at n6are.com> wrote:
>         I gave up trying to programme my Baofeng UV-5RV2+ using the previous CHIRP release.
>         When CHIRP next came out, I thought maybe I could get it to programme my radio.
>         I went through the steps to grab an *img file and load  it into the
> radio.
>         Then I saved it with modifications then downloaded, with a window saying "cloning".

First off, your terminology is reversed. Imagine that your radio is
sitting on your computer. The data goes down from the radio to CHIRP
(download) and up from CHIRP to the radio (upload).

>         Exiting CHIRP, turning the radio off and on does NOT change the file.

So if the upload "cloning" process completed without any errors
reported, then whatever was changed in CHIRP was changed in the radio.

>         Am I doing something wrong?

Most likely. For example, what many UV-5R owners will do when they use
CHRP for the first time is to add alpha tags (names) to each of the
programmed memories. After they've added the names in CHIRP and
uploaded the changes to the radio, they expect to see the names
displayed in the radio. When they don't they mistakenly think that
CHIRP somehow didn't work. The real problem is that they never changed
the radio's Memory Display Format to "NAME" so that the radio would
display them.

Using the radio's keypad:
Menu 21 (MDF-A): CH | NAME | FREQ
Menu 22 (MDF-B): CH | NAME | FREQ

Or from within CHIRP:
Settings -> Basic Settings -> Display Mode (A): Channel | Name | Frequency
Settings -> Basic Settings -> Display Mode (B): Channel | Name | Frequency

This is most likely your situation.


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