[chirp_users] IC-7100 programming

Dan Smith
Wed Feb 8 07:00:32 PST 2023

> I understand the LIVE reminder when reading the IC-7100 memory banks 
> into Chirp, but how do I load a data file to program the damn thing?. 
> Either I'm thick or I'm missing something, or both !

Open the data file and the radio at the same time. Then copy and paste the memories you want between the tabs. You can open any sort of data file (even an image of another radio) to use, but I assume you have a CSV file to load from?

By the way, we're still looking for confirmation that the 7100 works on -next, which it sounds like it does, so if you wouldn't mind creating a chirp-next report "bug" on the website to document that you're using it successfully, I can get it marked off the list.



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