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ken smith
Tue Jan 12 14:23:24 PST 2021

Thanks Jim. I will try using the F8HP to program it. I failed to mention
that I did try to upload repeater info into the radio using RepeaterBook
but it ended up the same way as me manually programming it in chirp. I can
easily program these repeaters into the radio manually with VFO so that may
be the way I go for the HAM frequencies.

On Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 7:54 AM Jim Unroe <rock.unroe at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 10:34 PM ken smith <ken.smith29 at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > I have successfully been able to use Chirp to upload .csv files etc. All
> communications between the software and radio seem to work. However, when
> manually loading HAM repeater information, the upload info seems to not
> take correctly. For example, I used the software to put in a 2m frequency,
> no tone, “-“ offset at 0.60 and low transmit power. After the upload, the
> radio shows the correct frequency and memory name but that’s it. The
> transmit power shows Medium (which isn’t even an option in the software)
> and also shows both “+” and “-“ on the radio screen. When keying the mike,
> it shows CT as if there is a tone being transmitted. Something is not
> syncing right but I am not getting any error messages. Any help here is
> appreciated.
> It is hard to know what you may have done wrong without having access
> to the CSV file or the actual "image" sent to the radio. I will do my
> best to guess.
> These UV-5R and UV-82 like radios do not use or store the shift
> direction or offset in a memory channel. They aren't required. For
> this reason, the SFT-D and OFFSET menus only function in VFO mode.
> What is stored in a memory channel is an RX frequency and a TX
> frequency. When the RX frequency and TX frequency are not the same (as
> they would not be the same for a repeater, odd-split, cross-band or TX
> disabled channel), there is a "+-" indication in the upper status
> display area. This is to let the user know the RX frequency and TX
> frequency of the selected channel are not the same. CHIRP lets users
> enter the parameters for a repeater as a frequency, shift direction
> and offset, but in the case of a UV-5R and similar radios, CHIRP
> computes the TX frequency and stores that in the "image" to be sent to
> the radio because that is what it requires.
> Since your radio can display "MID" as a TXP option, you have a radio
> with 3 TX power levels. You are most likely incorrectly selecting and
> using the UV-5R model when downloading from your radio. The UV-5R
> model selection is for a UV-5R like radio with 2 TX power levels. A
> UV-5R image with the TXP set to HIGH uploaded to a radio with 3 TX
> power levels would be correctly set to MID in a radio with 3 TX power
> levels. To work with your radio correctly, you should be selecting
> BF-F8HP, which is for UV-5R like radio models with 3 TX power levels,
> to program your radio.
> If there is a CT showing up in the left status display area when the
> [PTT] button button is pressed and nothing showing when it is
> released, you must Tone Mode set to Tone and the radio is picking up
> the default 88.5 Hz tone. It should be set to "(None)" in CHIRP and in
> the CSV file it would be {blank} (in other words there would be
> nothing between the commas (",,").
> One way to help understand how the fields of a CSV file should look
> would be to program some working memories in the CHIRP spreadsheet
> style memory editor and export them to a CSV file. An easy way to get
> working channels would be to import some from RepeaterBook or load one
> of the stock config files.
> Jim KC9HI
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