[chirp_users] Which version do I really have?

Glenn K0LNY
Tue Jan 5 06:56:55 PST 2021

Hi Don,
It is my opinion that if your radio is in the list, and the program works, then there is no reason to worry if you have the latest version.
If you have a version from two years ago, and your radio is in the list of radios, chances are that you will have no benefit from having a newer version of Chirp.
Now if your radio was recently added to the list, then I can understand you wanting the latest version.
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I downloaded and installed the latest version, "chirp-daily-20201221.flatpak".  When I start chirp, it recommends that I visit the website and install the latest, which I thought I just did.

"About" reports the version as "20201121", and /usr/bin/chirpw is dated 11-21-2020.  Which version do I really have? 


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