[chirp_users] chirp_users Digest, Vol 152, Issue 12

Geordon Shoshin VanTassle
Fri Aug 27 11:31:51 PDT 2021

I am also a Mac user.  I am running a 2015 MacBook Pro with macOS Big Sur (11.5.2). For me, all I need to do is download the MacOS Unified Application (bottom of the list) from this page https://trac.chirp.danplanet.com/chirp_daily/LATEST/ <https://trac.chirp.danplanet.com/chirp_daily/LATEST/>

Unzip the file by double clicking it in my Downloads folder, then drag the Chirp app from Downloads to Applications.  The first time I run the new version of Chirp, I need to go to the Applications folder and right-click or Control Click and choose Open. macOS will give security warning popup and I can choose to open or move to trash.  Click Open and Bob’s your uncle.

> On Aug 27, 2021, at 1:14 PM, JOHN E BECK Sr <kd2wgn at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thank you for your prompt response.  I appreciate it.
> Issue 1:  It seems that you folks update CHIRP quite frequently.  Since Apple does not recognize you as a vendor it is somewhat awkward to find the work-around in order to install CHIRP on my MacBook Pro.  How do I do this and what is Python Run time option,

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