[chirp_users] UV-S9 Volume issue

Glenn K0LNY
Tue Apr 20 13:04:27 PDT 2021

Sounds like a problem that plagues the UV 5R radios, it happened to one of mine.
Mine only has volume through the speaker mic.
Apparently the jack inside bends out of place when plugging in a cable or speaker mic and if you can open it, you may be able to  get the connection fixed again.
If there is a way to fix the plug without opening it, I hope someone posts it here.
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Programmed my NEW Baofeng UV-S9 about an hour ago for the first time, upon completion, upload and restart, I noticed I had no volume. I plugged in the provided earpiece to check if it was the radio and I had sound in the earpiece but not on the radio speaker. Please advise.



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