[chirp_users] Q: Baofeng GT-5R (new, 'legal,' model)

Ken Hansen
Sun Apr 18 14:49:54 PDT 2021

New to group, searched past 4 months of maillist archives, no obvious discussion about this radio there, so I'm posting here.

This new radio is a 'cleaned-up' and TX Freq-limited version of the ever-popular UV-5R - it has as its selling features TX hard-limited to 2m & 70cm US ham bands and claims to have been 'cleaned up' regarding spurious emissions.

My issue is, it different from classic UV-5R, so while I can do basic programming I can, for example, set a channel to 'skip' in CHIRP but the GT-5R has no documented skip function, so skip is not transferred to the radio. I also struggle to enter a power-on message, and other minor issues when I pretend it is a UV-5R.

Could we create a proper entry for this model? This radio is being targeted for new hams by mfg, and having to jump thru hoops to get it to work with CHIRP is no bueno.

I'm happy to test release candidates.


Ken, N2VIP
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