[chirp_users] UV-S9 Issues - image file attached

Jim Unroe
Sat Apr 17 11:54:30 PDT 2021

On Sat, Apr 17, 2021 at 2:20 PM <bob at tyroneflats.com> wrote:
> Let’s see if the 3rd time is truly a charm – here’s another try at getting the image file to you Jim.
> Best
> Bob n0zfv

Well... it starts out as a CHIRP image file but it is mostly
corrupted. It is like you or someone else uploaded the wrong file to
your radio.

One reason that your radio cannot receive without the [MONI] button
pressed is because most channels programmed as TSQL with an 88.5 Hz
tone. This tells the radio to ignore all signals on the programmed
frequency unless the 88.5 Hz tone is present. For example channel 5
(W0CRA repeater), according to RepeaterBook uses a 107.2 Hz CTCSS
tone. So unless you program that tone frequency, the repeater will
ignore your radio's transmissions and your radio will ignore the
repeater's transmissions.

The corrupted memory of the radio and also be a part of the problem
why you cannot receive without the [MONI] button pressed.

According to the band limits in the radio, you have a dual band radio.
Unfortunately Baofeng ships a UV-S9 with 3 power levels and a UV-S9
with 3 bands. But not a model with both 3 power levels and 3 bands.
You can easily determine if you have a 3 power level or not by looking
at menu 2 (TXP). If the TXP menu only has 2 choices (HIGH/MID) then it
has 2 power levels and could potentially be a tri-band model. If it
has 3 choices (HIGH/MID/LOW) then it has 3 power levels and will not
be a tri-band model.



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