[chirp_users] no drivers found for UV-S9 programming cable

bob at tyroneflats.com
Wed Apr 14 17:01:58 PDT 2021

Bought a new UV-S9 which did not include a cable. The promised software was
not included however there was a link in the user's manual
(http://www.abree.com/downloads) which takes you to a "Buy This Domain"


I bought a cable from Amazon, a "Tenway Baofeng USB Programming Cable Win
7/10, 64Bit for Baofeng Radio UV-5R, BF-888S, H-777 with Driver CD" but Win
10 (64 bit) cannot find any drivers. Cable shows up in Device Manager as
"Other Devices / USB Serial" with no COM port assignment identified and
properties says "There are no compatible drivers for this device". 


Anyone else encounter anything like this or can you offer insights into how
to get this radio programmed?


Thank you all very much!








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