[chirp_users] Download From Radio under Ubuntu 20.04 error

Robert Withers
Wed Apr 7 14:42:37 PDT 2021

What? Is there no way to transmit data over RF? I thought that that was
a transmit mode, in eligible frequencies. I guess the info transmitted
must go through the mic input and out the spk jack, as those are the
only jacks in my handheld. But I really thought that data transmission
was possible. Oh dear, much more to research.


On 4/7/21 4:57 PM, Nigel A. Gunn G8IFF/W8IFF wrote:
> You're not going to do that using any connector normally provided on the radio.
> You can send the data out of the computer through a serial port but it will need to go directly into the modulator or VFO on the radio. There are special data radios available but most amateur transceivers won't do it.
> Video is different because of the bandwidth required so you might be better with receiver and transmitter designed for TV use.
>> I want to read /write data to be broadcast over the RF frequency the
>> radio is set to. I want to intercept the traffic on the computer to run
>> my own protocol, which may be audio/video but encoded into my protocol.
>> I am thinking the answer is reading and writing to the tty may work, or
>> mic input and spk output for audio. But I want data transmission, not
>> audio.My software currently reads/writes to/from a socket. The read side
>> of reading from a tty should probably be buffered, somehow. Something to
>> figure out as I complete my ReedSolomon implementation and fix a few
>> bugs in my protocol software.
>> Kindly,
>> Robert

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