[chirp_users] Programming The Kenwood TH-F6

Glenn K0LNY
Thu May 28 07:59:39 PDT 2020

I'm hoping my new programming cable comes today so I can program my Kenwood TH-F6 hand-held.
So I know that it has over 400 memory slots, and it can RX all the HF frequencies.
So I'm wondering how it works while in Chirp, so I can plan my CSV file.
Since I'm Blind and cannot read the display, I may have questions that might otherwise seem obvious to you.

1: Does it have a channel 0, or do they start with 1?
2: I read of banks of memories in groups of 50 for different bands.  Is this have to be kept to, or is it just a convenience?
In my Baofeng's CSV file, they are intermixed.
3: Can anyone recommend some common HF frequencies that I can program into it?

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