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IT1 Stuart Blake Tener, USNR
Thu May 14 12:31:13 PDT 2020


Indeed you might be thinking that you are reminding people of some  
obvious piece of wisdom to conduct a search for old articles, but  
indeed this is a fools errand (unless you are suggesting such messages  
were very recent in the last 30 to 45 days, which I did not get the  
impression you were).

Why you ask?

Python is still under heavy development and unless these older  
messages specifically substantiate what the exact version of Python  
existed at the time the messages were written and what specific Python  
version they were referring to, their content and meaning may be  
entirely inapplicable now as perhaps the technical concerns at issue  
at the time may well have been overcome my changes to the Python  
language or been amended in the current instantiation of the Chirp  
source code base. In either event, we would not gain such insights  
from old messages. Thus, obviously asking what the issues are now is a  
very different question from "what were the issues then?", a question  
I did not ask and therefore had no need to research the answer for.

Secondly, you can't agree with me that "Python 3 would be nice to  
have", because I did not say that. I meant to assert in the most  
compelling manner that I could articulate that the idea of moving to  
Python3 is an imperative and to not do so terribly disadvantages users  
and retards the security of a system they are expected to continue to  
keep Python2 running upon.

Let me clear here, I appreciate all the hard work that Dan, et alia,  
have put into Chirp and mean in no way to diminish the excellence of  
that work or to suggest any lack of appreciation. Moreover, if the  
argument is "We can't move to Python2 because its a part time project  
and nobody has time." I understand and accept that fully. However,  
that in no way changes the fact that distributing software in a now  
virtually unsupported language instigates a very high risk for the  
users of that software in such a case. Moving to Python3 is something  
that must happen, just as many programs written for Amateur Radio are  
no longer used because they ran on TRS-80s and Apple IIs, and we don't  
use that technology anymore. Chirp will eventually move in such a  
direction if it is not ported to Python3 soon (or some other secure  
language) as people that care about the security posture of their  
systems will be loath to remain to keep an environment running that is  
not longer be actively patched with security patches and having bugs  
remediated there within.


Stuart, N3GWG

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