[chirp_users] Grumpy old man.

Chuck Hast
Fri May 8 23:15:17 PDT 2020

I did a sort and got the following:
Questions regarding Prolific drivers/Windows 440 dating from 17 Aug 11
Questions regarding Linux serial ports 170 dating from 07 Oct 11.

So I would say that us Linux users could have the same feeling about
Windows as has been stated about us, but I think most of us Linux folks
would rather that the person posing the question regardless of OS get
a answer and get on with their rat killing, but it is obvious that not all
those of the Microsoft persuasion have that same feeling thought it would
appear that their OS generates the larger amount of questions.

The thing of note as has been observed elsewhere is that it is pretty much
the same issue. A quick review of the list history would make it most
but most people do not look, they just ask, so be it, they get an answer
back your driver) and most take care of it.

That is just dealing with the prolific issue, there are many more Windows
questions, in general Linux has been pretty quiet until Python 2 started to
go away, that will impact all of us sooner or later.

As has been  pointed out elsewhere, you Windows users get a package
with all of it setup for you. Us Linux people get an install but it depends
on the Python libs that are in the OS. They are moving on and so that is
the reason for the noise level as people are trying to work out a solution,
which will in the long run benefit all of us.

Diatribes such as from the OP are not welcome and I think that many of
us (I know I do) find that particular one offensive. Were it not for Linux
the original work by Dan and others there would be no Chirp. You would be
using some 3rd party proprietary paid for product, or a vendor product that
is far inferior to what Chirp is.

I have often wondered how much time is spent making Chirp work for Windows
when there are other things that would be nice to see it work on. But I will
not go there because there are a large number of Windows users and they
are needed just as much as any of the other OS users. Just remember that
street runs both ways, and if you are not happy you are most welcome to
leave, the lawn you are talking about is a commons and we all have to use
Good day and may you live in interesting times.

On Fri, May 8, 2020 at 9:51 PM David Ranch <chirp at trinnet.net> wrote:

> Hahaha... that's how I feel about Chirp posts about Linux users having
> problems with serial ports.  :-)  Many new users just don't want actually
> read the docs, do ALL the steps, and do a simple set of Google searches to
> figure out where they went wrong.  Many feel that following just 80% of the
> steps is good enough.
> For now, I continue to use the "delete message" with prejudice.
> --David
> On 05/08/2020 07:19 AM, Dennis Wage wrote:
> I humbly wish and believe all posts about installing chirp on anything
> besides windows and Mac OS should start their own list.
> I will unsubscribe soon if I see many more posts about installing chirp on
> Linux.
> If you try to use any distro of linux as your OS of choice you better be
> savvy enough, like my son Chris, to solve these issues on your own.
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