[chirp_users] Grumpy old man.

Chuck Hast
Fri May 8 13:51:16 PDT 2020

Flame on
1. I find your post offensive as a Linux user.
2. Chirp was born on Linux, I bought an Icom IC -92AD and downloaded Chirp
to program it when it was
    the only thing going on Linux, and that was all, that was back 2008
3. If I do a search I find a LOT more windows issues than any other OS.
    (so I could request the same of windows users but I do not)
4. The present issue is with the transition to Python 3. The devs all
    have lives and jobs so they work on it as they can.
5. If you do not like the fact that we LINUX users are here using our
    native Chirp then perhaps you should carry through and leave.
    we can carry on without you. And we WILL have the patience to
    put up with more Windows driver questions and other questions
    regarding that OS.

At times the questions regarding windows issues are all so pervasive
as to make Chirp appear to be a windows app, it is a Linux app that
has been packaged to work with other OS because Python is so pervasive.

I am sure there are times that those of us who are NOT windows users
wish the same, but we push the keyboard away and do NOT keep the
brain clutch engaged to the fingers driveshaft.

That said you may go wherever you so please. There is a word in my
other language I rather love "váyase" it means go, keep on going to
the deepest place and press on... There is a statement it is used in
but I will not state it here but I would say that you would best follow
through because I personally have lost any respect for you.
Flame off

To those others who have questions I will state what my flight instructor
told me when I did something that a question would have corrected.

"The only stupid question is the one you did NOT ask causing me to
have to go and pick your torn pieces out of a broken airplane".

So do not let things like this quench your questions, if you need to
ask them they are not stupid, and they are OS agnostic.

On Fri, May 8, 2020 at 9:20 AM Dennis Wage <dwage at dwage.com> wrote:

> I humbly wish and believe all posts about installing chirp on anything
> besides windows and Mac OS should start their own list.
> I will unsubscribe soon if I see many more posts about installing chirp on
> Linux.
> If you try to use any distro of linux as your OS of choice you better be
> savvy enough, like my son Chris, to solve these issues on your own.
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