[chirp_users] Grumpy old man.

Terry Hunt
Fri May 8 09:56:56 PDT 2020

Spoken like a true Windows “geek”!

Assuming they have done the proper homework, isn’t that the proper use of the list?  Why stop people from experimenting, collaborating and learning?

I bet if you upgrade from Windows XP you may have a setup question or 2, well maybe not Windows 10 has been around awhile.

With so many issues facing us, this is a problem you have control of.  The list has a digest mode that you can use or as you suggest you could unsubscribe if you are not getting benefit from it.

I personally only every had one issue with Linux and that was when the daily build broke and the guidance I found for updating that was much appreciated.

Funny thing about grass, you can water it and smoke it but for some reason it always needs mowing and it nearly impossible to keep out the weeds!

I am sorry to be so grumpy back but passive aggressive complaints like this trample on my lawn.

I am very sorry to have trampled your grass.


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I humbly wish and believe all posts about installing chirp on anything besides windows and Mac OS should start their own list.

I will unsubscribe soon if I see many more posts about installing chirp on Linux.

If you try to use any distro of linux as your OS of choice you better be savvy enough, like my son Chris, to solve these issues on your own.


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