[chirp_users] chirp flatpak (In need of a few brave souls)

Richard Shaw
Fri May 1 18:24:14 PDT 2020

Well thanks to the help and pointers here I was able to navigate the truly
atrocious documentation for flatpaks and was able to create a bundle. I
need a few brave souls to test:


I put the version in the name, so be careful, if I update it it, you could
install more than one version. I still have yet to learn how you update
flatpak packages.

I went through and did a "cleanup" of a lot of files we don't actually
need. The original version was ~140MB...

It should be practical to get it listed on flathub. The archives are called
"daily" but really it's whenever something significant has been
committed and the date is the version.

Let me know if it works fine or needs some fixes.

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