[chirp_users] Kenwood TH-F6 Upload

Glenn K0LNY
Thu Jun 4 09:40:28 PDT 2020

I know that the Kenwood TH-F6 in Chirp is operating under "live mode", but I'm not sure of what that means in terms of programming it.
I went throughout the settings, and put in my call sign and initials instead of the HELLO !! that was in there, and when I connected it to the Kenwood software, I saw that it was saved on the Kenwood, from the Chirp software.
I tried importing a CSV file, and Chirp messes it up, and that is a CSV file that I used on Chirp with my Tyt and my Baofengs.
By messing it up, it puts the entries in an odd order.
I'm hoping for some advice on this, while using Chirp in Linux.

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