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Tom Henderson
Mon Jan 20 05:42:04 PST 2020

Exactly. Also don't be confused by the people in this thread talking 
about MD-380 radios, which are DMR radios and have nothing at all to do 
with Chirp.

Tom Henderson

On 1/20/20 7:29 AM, Dennis Wage wrote:
> I'd like to get clear on this.
> The image file is NOT a complete picture of the software on your 
> radio, correct?
> It is simply a backup of what Chirp can edit (change from default).
> So downloading from your "out of the box" radio and saving an image 
> file is only to restore the Chirp editable menu settings and the 
> memories back to the settings that came from the factory.
> As I understand it, Chirp can however upload bad data to the radio, 
> (caused by erroneous user input) that is outside the range of the 
> particular field item it was entered into, and can brick or lock the 
> radio. This image file can fix this, and this only.
> Do I understand what Chirp image files are?
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