[chirp_users] Image File

Dennis Wage
Mon Jan 20 05:29:31 PST 2020

Lot's of talk about the "Image" .img file.
I'd like to get clear on this.

The image file is NOT a complete picture of the software on your radio,

It is simply a backup of what Chirp can edit (change from default).

So downloading from your "out of the box" radio and saving an image file is
only to restore the Chirp editable menu settings and the memories back to
the settings that came from the factory.

As I understand it, Chirp can however upload bad data to the radio, (caused
by erroneous user input) that is outside the range of the particular field
item it was entered into, and can brick or lock the radio. This image file
can fix this, and this only.

Do I understand what Chirp image files are?

Dennis M. Wage (W9BOQ)

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