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Angelo T Sonnesso
Mon Jan 20 05:04:38 PST 2020

Can you create an image file from the MD-380, or do you have to get it


73 N2DYN Angelo


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Now that we are on the subject of Image files...  


I was just programming a brand new Retevis RT3 GPS (TYT MD-380 G) and
somehow it bricked up.


As I had saved the "fresh new out of the box" Image file I simply resent it
to the radio and...reset the radio to Factory specs in mere seconds.


BTW this is the only Reset procedure for all DMR radios, no pressing this
and that button nor any Menu settings.  Still it also works on any radio


Now you know why I cannot emphasize enough saving 

the original Factory Image file.


If by chance you never had one, you can also use the stock blank file from
the original Factory (CPS) software and send it to the radio.  Then of
course, save and label it.  


Program with CHIRP afterwards and again, always remember to save your new


If you have to do a Firmware Update, first download the correct software
from the Manufactures' Website and check for installation instructions on
YouTube.  This rarely will you find on the OEM Website or in your Owner's
Manual.  And again, save this new Image file and label it.


There are some Manufacturers' that do not supply any OEM programming
software.  Sadly, Yaesu comes to mind.  Then just simply use the CHIRP or RT
Systems software Image file you created.


Kenneth Strom  VA3KRS

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