[chirp_users] Programming Baofeng UV-5R

Kenneth Strom VA3KRS
Fri Jan 17 08:51:59 PST 2020

To start with there are many variations of this popular radio.  Check the model number first and go from there.  Do NOT ever try to program this radio with the wrong variation programming software.

If it is in fact the basic "bare-bones" Baofeng UV-5R, there are 2 variations, Old and New.  This can be checked easily.  You will have to perform a Firmware test on the radio.  Even if it is "new" it may be in fact old stock lying around for years or an old radio.

Go to Miklor to check on the radio's firmware version before you proceed.  This is very important.  The wrong software will brick up the radio.


Then you can proceed to program the radio.

Like all radios, you must first get an "Image" file from the radio, and then you can program it as you please.

Also, this "Image" file will be needed to reset the radio should it ever "Brick" up on you.  Just Factory reset the radio and resend this Image file to the radio and all should be okay.  In other words you resurrected the dead.

NEVER should you buy a radio, take it out of the box and start playing with it.  This probably will mess it up internally.  ALWAYS first get that "Image" file and THEN program it.  This will save you a lot of grief later if the radio acts up.

BTW, I have worked commercially on many radios over the past 40 years, mainly Midlands & Motorolas and cannot overemphasize the importance of saving this "Image" file.  It is particular to that radio alone only and not the one sitting next to it.

Also, if perhaps you have several of the same model radio, save the "Image" file labelled with its' last 4 digits serial number, e.g.:  UV5R_XXXX1234.img  Then you will know it came from that particular radio.

This believe me will save your radio from being a "Brick" or cute-looking paperweight.

Note all these recommendations work with all radio Models & Makes, Amateur & Commercial.

Kenneth Strom  VA3KRS

P.S.  Cheers to the over-worked Staff at CHIRP who do a tireless job at writing these endless programming files out.  Everyday it seems to be a new radio and new model out, mostly tireless variations of one or the other.

Regarding DMR radios, most if not all models have very individual programming issues which is why you never see any common software.  Even RT Systems keeps postponing any DMR releases due to this.  Very few models can even import CSV files, so all mostly are manual programming and DO NOT make any slight errors or the radio simply does not work.  Make sure you download the correct Factory programming software for the radio, any Firmware updates, cable USB drivers before you even start playing with its' buttons.  If by accident you do then you will have to do a Factory reset before you can even save the Image file.

A simple Factory Reset will cure some evils, however that Image file will save that radio.

Have a great 2020 to CHIRP and all your Subscribers.
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