[chirp_users] Chirp and DM-5R Programming

John La
Tue Jan 14 04:48:41 PST 2020

As the two cable Look basically identical, search for a programming cable for an RD-5R, DM-5R, DM-1701 or DM-1801.
These are all compatible with the radio DM-5R.
John   K3NXU





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John, et alia:

Well, I do understand Chirp not supporting DMR radios. I mean, obviously it could but if it does not, so be it. However, your comment about DM-5R radios using a different Baofeng cable is quite interesting! How can I tell (other than just seeing it does not read the radio) if a potential Beofeng cable is the proper one for a DM-5R (say I see it at a hamfest)? I'm on my 4th or 5th Beofeng cable I've purchased and still have none to program this radio! Can I make one? Where can I get one?

Thanks in advance!


Stuart, N3GWG



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